Spark Strong, Spark Amazing!

We know that fitness hasn't always been fun. Gyms can feel intimidating, fitness classes impersonal, and getting started daunting and hard.

That's why we do things differently here. Spark Fitness is all about making your journey to strong, fit, smiley and healthy an enjoyable experience

Join us online

Right now, during the Coronavirus lockdown, we're continuing to provide non-weight-biased fitness solutions to our members virtually. You can join in with our kettlebell sessions (led by Maggie, a StrongFirst SFGII instructor), pre-recorded sessions for those who already know how to lift kettlebells, our 1-2-1 personal training sessions or strength technique coaching all without leaving your own home. We'll use the magic of Zoom to coach you, motivate you and bring you into our community.

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Keep reading to learn more about our philosophies from our blog posts or take a tour around our site to see why our members choose Spark Fitness Personal Training Studio as their fitness playground!

New Year, New...

…don't be taken in by diet culture's false promises. It doesn't matter how many times you join Slimming World, WW, juice diet or detox, you'll always end up starting again; not because you didn't stick to the plan, but because you CAN'T stick to the plan. »

The F-Word

How many diets have you done?How many times have you returned to WW or SW because 'it works when you stick to it?'How many »