Class Memberships

When we say 'class' we don't mean what you're probably used to - bog-standard, over-subscribed classes at the gym where you struggle to see the instructor, they don't know your name and there's no individual coaching. Spark Life classes are the antidote to this!

You'll be coached, cared for and loved in a way you thought only your mother could... well, almost! Ok, so maybe we can't guarantee you that, but we can guarantee that if you tell us your goals, we'll support you in working towards them.

Spark Kettlebell Club

Our Kettlebell Club is a community of sparkly, shiny, happy people who have all discovered the amazing benefits of the kettlebell. When we're not carressing them lovingly*, we're using them to swing, snatch, squat and all the other exercises that don't begin with S. Kettlebells provide amazing conditioning whilst building strength, keeping your joints healthy and you injury free.

Plus, now you have the option to join our classes in the studio, live online via Zoom or On Demand at a time which suits you.

* This has only happened on the very occasional time... Honest!

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Spark Yoga and Pilates

We offer a range of Yoga classes including Hatha, Yin, Nidra, yoga for kids, chair yoga and Pilates.

All of our Yoga and Pilates sesssions are available online and in the studio. Plus, as a member it's also possible to access a class on demand if you've been unable to attend the session at its usual time.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our sessions are suitable for everyone. So whether you'll be coming along for the first time or whether you're an experienced Yogini, our Yoga or Pilates is perfect for you.

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#JustJump Skipping Club

Fancy learning some easy jump rope skills? Or maybe you like the idea that skipping is amazing conditioning, improves bone density and is super good for our brain health?

Then come and join us in St Mary's Flower Park at 11am, on the old bandstand area at the back, for our FREE 1/2 hour skipping class. It's perfect for beginners but also a lot of fun if you have a few skills already.

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