The F-Word

How many diets have you done?

How many times have you returned to WW or SW because 'it works when you stick to it?'

How many times have you blamed yourself for failing?

We've got some radical (and slightly controversial news for you)... Shhhhh... come closer... are you ready?...


But there's no quick fix!

Perhaps one of the most ignoble strategies the weight loss industry pedals is fast weight loss. We read the success stories of Betty who lost 10 stone in 3 months and 'got her life back'; we marvel at the pictures of Vera who slimmed down to size perfect bride; we compare ourselves to the before and after pictures of Doris who in just 3o days has gone from 'fat to fit' and think 'that could be me'! But we don't see the after, after. The sad moment when 5 years' down the line Betty picks up that magazine article and reminices on what it felt like to 'feel slim'; the way Vera picks up the wedding picture to dust it and wonders if she'll ever be that size again; and how Doris still can't bring herself to enjoy a family occasion because, well, 'a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips'! Those smiling faces from the magazine pages don't tell us what her life is like and, most importantly, they don't tell us if she's happy, healthy and loved. Yet, we share those stories with each other,  lusting after their lives, talking about their results with awe and wondering why we don't have that kind of will power. It's what keeps us in that lifetime membership producing amazing results... for the company, not for us!

The F-Word

We want to open your eyes to a new way of thinking about food, fitness and to be honest... failure!

We want to show you that if you work on nurturing, being kind to and feeling more comfortable with your body, regardless of its size, you're more likely to achieve the results you crave.

We want to show you that it's possible to find peace around food and to quieten that anxious voice in your head which feels confused about what to do next and guilty 'losing control' again.

We want to show you what diet culture looks like so you can call it out when you see it and most of all, we want to show you what true health actually looks like and provide you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve it.

8 weeks in Prestwich

If you live in (or around) Prestwich, you can join us on our pilot of the F-Word... our new course where we'll talk about food, fat, fitness, failure, fallibility, flexibility, facts and finally say F-off to the diet industry!

Run by Spark Community - a non-profit sister entity of Spark Fitness - this course doesn't aim to drop your dress size, weigh you in at a smaller size or even change your life immediately! It's no quick fix but sticking plasters always fall off, no matter how waterproof they promise to be. If you really want to change your life and rewrite the tortuous script you've been following for so long you need to know how to break free from profit-driven 'solutions' and develop the skills to move forwards without them.

Title of the document Sign up to The F-Word Now!

The small print:

There's 20 places available and when they're gone, they're gone! We're running our pilot at an introductory price of £40 - the cost of 8 weeks at a diet club, spend it on us instead and never need to spend it again! ;-)

This is a non-profit enterprise and all proceeds will be put back into our local community to further develop access to and support available for evidence based health and fitness.

Email Spark Community to find out more.