Welcome to Spark Life!

We're so excited you've found us... but who are we? Spark Life is a place to find health and happiness in whatever form that looks like for you. Your wellbeing is so much more than what you do physically, it's what you do for your mental and spiritual health as well.

Spark Life is about connection... connection to community, to your body and to your mind and soul. We are passionate advocates that everyone can find a way of moving their body that they enjoy and we practise that principle in our own lives. From jump rope to Yoga, gardening to weight-lifting, walking to dance fitness, all of the team at Spark Life enjoy exercise with a captial E and a little one!

It's for this reason that we are proudly a weight-neutral studio. What does this mean? Well, if you've been hurt by diet-culture over the years in the same way many of us and our members have, you'll find us a safe space from all of this. No body-shaming, no negative body-talk, no diet discussions... at Spark Life we celebrate moving our bodies as a form of self-compassion and self-care not as a way to punish, restrict or minimise. So, whether you're looking for a safe-haven to heal your relationship with food or exercise, or you just like the sound of a non-judgmental space where you can find joyful movement and positivity, then we might just be the place for you.

Why not stay a while? Have a look around our website to find out how we can help you build those little connections that will bring you greater health and happiness.

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