Baby Massage & Yoga: Loving Touch

Research shows that touching and holding babies are key factors for helping them develop socially and mentally. When we are touched the nerves send signals to our brain which helps us makes sense of the outside world, a vital skill for babies to develop. »

Fearless Health

Would you like to eat any food, free from fear of gaining weight; enjoy breakfast without fear you've ruined your day; find the absolute joy in movement and exercise? Join us and let us show you how you can finally find Fearless Health. »

Why walking could change your life

Just one mile a day can be extremely beneficial for your heart, joints, muscles, mental health and overall general physical health and wellbeing. That's just 2000 steps outside in the fresh air or 15-30 minutes of escaping the stresses of life and enjoying the outside world. »

Yoga for every BODY

My mission is to bring Yoga to people who think they cannot do it; to help you find your Yoga, just as I have found mine. Remember, if you can breathe, you can do Yoga! »