Why walking could change your life

Walking has perhaps been one of the most underated forms of exercise for years yet, for the first time - in perhaps a long time - so many more of us have been using it as our main form of exercise as opposed to a mode of transport!

When the government announced a lockdown in the UK in March, gyms were closed, dumbbells flew off the shelves and people were confined to their homes except for essential journeys and one form of exercise a day.

Walking took over and, especially on sunny days, our streets and parks became awash with people taking their daily exercise on foot.

How likely are we to continue with this new found leisure activity?

Maybe you found yourself walking more during lockdown because you found you had more time, or even just more of a desire to escape the house. Perhaps you were walking during the time you would have been stuck in traffic on your daily commute and now things are starting to return to normal, you've found the time you had to fit it in, has just disappeared?

At Spark Fitness, we believe that the best kind of exercise is the one that makes you feel amazing in  body and mind; it's one that you enjoy, that you can do no matter who you are or what your job and it's one that you can see progress in.  What fits all of those factors? Walking.

Just one mile a day can be extremely beneficial for your heart, joints, muscles, mental health and overall general physical health and wellbeing. That's just 2000 steps outside in the fresh air or 15-30 minutes of escaping the stresses of life and enjoying the outside world.

So, if recent times have left you feeling like you want to do something more for your health, why not get out for a daily walk? Forget the constraints of time, set yourself 15 minutes and walk round the block or to the local park. Have a bit more time? explore an area of where you live you've never seen before. Start small, and build up gradually and before you know it, walking a daily mile will have become as much as part of your routine as brushing your teeth or getting the kids to school.

If you like the sound of this, but don't know where to start, or if you're ready to step things up a little, get in touch. Whether it's personal training, small group, yoga or some sports physio to get you moving comfortably again, we've the people ready to help you at Spark.