Why you should ditch the mum guilt and put yourself first

I train mums, other people too, but most of my clients are mums.

As a trainer to mums I’m in a privileged position. I see the absolute love, pride and joy each and every woman I train takes from being a mother; from the achievements of their children; from the tiny milestones which define childhood and parenthood. I also see how challenging life becomes, how balancing work, home and everything else becomes a juggling act.

Of course, the very nature of my job is that one of the things that sits in the ‘everything else’ category for my mums is fitness.

And alongside that sits guilt.

Mum guilt.

And I know, if you’re a mum reading this you’ll understand. Every one of my mums has expressed to me at some point how they feel some sense of niggling guilt about taking that time out for themselves. Putting themselves first even just for a short period of time feels in some way a little selfish when it really, definitely, wholeheartedly shouldn’t.

Of course, all my mums intellectually recognise that time out to exercise, improve fitness, eat well and relax IS supporting her children.

After all, the better your health, the better you are able to be with your children in every way possible – play with them, run with them, inspire them… teach them healthy habits that will stay with them for life.

baby workout

Perhaps the way we look at it should be similar to the safety guidelines on an airplane. In case of emergency, you’re told you MUST put your own oxygen mask on before you help your children. Why? Because you will be no use to your children without your own oxygen mask.

In just the same way, time out for yourself to exercise, to take care of your body and mind, is not selfish. Quite the opposite, it’s incredibly important and makes you better able to be the very best mum you can be.

Looking after your mindset, health and fitness will make you happier, better able to deal with stresses, boost your confidence and self-esteem, increase your health and overall immunity to diseases and illnesses, give you more energy AND present your children with the perfect role model for a strong, fit and healthy woman.

mum and child work out

Motherhood is tough. Don’t add guilt to the list of things you’re already dealing with when looking after yourself is an essential element to being the very best mum you can be!