"Run Mummy, Run!" Katie inspires her daughter

Just over six weeks ago, Katie started 1-2-1 running training with me. Keen to get back into her pre-baby clothes, we identified running as an activity Katie would enjoy after she told me of the sense of achievement and enjoyment she'd felt from completing a 10k charity run 8 or 9 years ago.

Mother to a young toddler, Katie's key challenge was to find an exercise routine which fit into her life; something every mother will know is not an easy task. However, hard work, dedication and a new found love of running meant that she achieved her goal of running 5k non-stop... plus much more.

Katie's story:

Katie & Maggie at Park Run

When I first hired Maggie, my main goal was I wanted her to help me with fat loss. I was nearly 2st heavier than when I got pregnant, and 1-2 dress sizes bigger; I really wanted to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Maggie and I discussed my goals and lifestyle and she suggested that I might enjoy running as my main form of exercise. It sounded like a good idea. About 8 or 9 years ago, I'd run a charity 10k and loved the idea of getting back to that level of fitness.

It was hard!!

I honestly struggled to run for 2 minutes straight. If Maggie hadn't been there I'd have stopped after 1 minute for sure.

Following our first session, Maggie set me a goal of going out twice more before I saw her the next week which I did because that kind of short term goal was achievable for me, and by the next PT session, she pushed me to 4 minutes! It really amazes me how quickly you can increase your fitness levels. Maggie knew just how much she could push me and my goals for each session were always personal to my progress.

Even though I started out with one goal, I realised as my training progressed that I was achieving so much more.

In a fitness sense I definitely feel different in that I can run for longer, and I generally feel ‘fitter’ than even just 6/7 weeks ago. I know I've achieved that 5K distance so, in my mind, that makes it harder to give up each time I go out - I've no excuse now!

I've also seen a change in my attitude to exercise and diet and I really feel that working with Maggie has given me a fantastic start to a long term, healthier lifestyle. I am no longer looking for a quick fix to lose weight, but a way to ensure that good eating and regular exercise are part of my life. Yes I have noticed weight loss on the scales and clothes getting looser too, and that’s fantastic, but I am more patient now; it is more important to me that I can find a way to do this that suits my lifestyle and is maintainable long term.

Something else came out of this too, which I'm sure if you're a mum you'll understand. The time I spend out running gives me a small amount of 'me time', rather than purely focussing on being a mum; it's that little bit of time out, where you can forget the world and just run! Plus, I love the way my daughter takes notice, "Mummy, run!" When I get my gear on! I just know she'll be pulling on her trainers with me once she's old enough!

Having Maggie there on the journey, excited for my achievements with even the smallest of fitness milestones, has been amazing (and has prevented me from boring my family with too many stories of my running accomplishments!!).

She has been very inspiring and has this infectious energy! I have no idea where she gets it from but it's fab!

Katie and Maggie selfie

I initially assumed a PT needed to shout at you to get results (and to be honest I thought that's what I needed to keep me going!) but Maggie's approach is perfect. I suppose it's like having a support team, someone on your side and rooting for you, wanting you to achieve things as much as you do. And at times having more belief in you than you do yourself.

If you're someone who's thinking about getting a personal trainer, Do it!! It's actually not as expensive as you might think. The amount of times I have joined a gym and hardly gone, for me, working with Maggie has been much better value for money!

More than anything, I've discovered my inner-most motivation and it's not what I thought it was. Yes, I still want to lose weight but more than anything what motivates me is the way I feel during and after exercise and I'm looking forwards to continuing my journey.