Prepare to 'fail'

one setback

So, it's started. The Christmas period is upon us and chances are that the parties start this weekend, I know the Christmas music certainly has!

Whether it's mince pies, pigs in blankets, salted nuts or those tasty little chocolate delights that are your weakness, it's important you're properly prepared for success... and setbacks.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Getting fit and losing weight doesn't have to mean perfection. If you prepare to 'fail', if you realise that you don't have to be either 'onnit' of 'offit', you'll be able to enjoy Christmas without losing sight of your goals completely.

So, here's 3 tips to help you over the Christmas period...

1. Go with the 80/20 rule

Made famous by Pareto in relation to sales and business, the 80/20 rule can also be applied to health and fitness.

80% of the time eat whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods
20% of the time eat what you want.

So... if you're know you've a party later on that evening, or you're going out for a big meal, eat well the rest of the day; lots of veggies, protein and lots of water.

2. Make time to exercise

Ok, so you're not going to feel like a 5 mile run when you've finished off your christmas turkey with all the trimmings, but you can get the family out for a crisp winter walk; you can fit a quick Festive HIIT session before the Christmas party; and you can get out to a free 5k Parkrun (run or walk it) on Saturday mornings - click here to find your local Parkrun.

3. Plan in advance

It could be all to easy to try and restrict yourself completely over the Christmas period but eventually that's going to lead to you falling 'off the wagon' plus, are you really going to enjoy yourself? Instead, plan your indulgences. Going out for a meal? Look at the menu before you go and decide on your main meal so you don't make more impulsive choices whilst you're there. Also, make a decision before you go out whether you're having starter or desert. Let's face it, no-one actually needs both! Planning in advance will enable you to indulge but not overindulge.

Ultimately, aim to make December all about maintaining your achievements rather than losing more weight. If you don't expect to be perfect, if you prepare to 'fail' you will succeed; leaving you with a memorable and enjoyable Christmas rather than one that leaves you miserable, guilt-ridden or desperately trying to claw it all back in the new year.

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