What to buy the fitness fan!

Dear Santa,

Having worked hard all year to ensure my name is on your 'good' list, I thought I would send you this little note to give you some ideas as to what you might like to bring me as my reward.

As you know, I am a fitness goddess - or at least trying my very best to be - so, for Christmas I would love for you to bring me any (or all) of the following:

  1. Twin skin socks
    These Hilly Socks, £5.49 from Sports Shoes will make sure my feet stay dry and blister free no matter how hard I'm working or how long I'm on my feet. Plus, they're half price at the moment - so you could buy me two pairs!!

  2. Snazzy leggings
    I'm sure it must have been proven with actual, proper science and everything by now that snazzy fitness leggings make you work harder! There are premium places to pick these up so if you want to really treat me, Sweaty Betty and Lululemon are the places to head. However, if you would rather save your pennies so you can buy me everything else on this list, these Decathlon ones for just £13.99 are just as funky and will have the same workout enhancing effects I'm sure!

  3. Posh portable water bottle
    As I'm a health-goddess, I know I should be supping water angelically throughout the day. Having a stylish, hardwearing, BPA free water bottle to take with me on my travels will certainly make things much easier. And it just turns out that Camelbak water spill-proof bottles are on offer at Wiggle at the moment, so you can pick one up for £13.99... and they're great... my PT said so!

Camelbak water bottle

  1. Fitbit
    Do I have to be like the BBC here Santa and say that other fitness trackers do exist? And they do. So why the Fitbit? Well this is the one that most of my friends have and I think the best thing about these trackers is that you can join in challenges and compete against your friends. That's the real motivation! However, if you would rather buy me an iWatch, you won't hear me complaining!! Of course the Fitbit is substantially cheaper especially if you shop around - don't just go buying it straight off their website Santa!

Which one you get will all depend on what I want it for (this reads a little weird now doesn't it... I'm going to carry on regardless and pretend we haven't noticed!!) so if I just want to track my steps something like the Flex will be good enough. However, if I want more in-depth stats on my training sessions and general day to day exercise, I would want something like the Blaze or Charge HR which measure heart rate and therefore calorie burn. There's some good deals on at Argos at the moment.

  1. Prosecco

What do you mean that's not a gift fit for a fitness goddess? Then you clearly missed the memo. Though, jokes aside, it's Christmas and a few glasses of prosecco (in moderation!!) won't hurt and makes a lovely stocking filler * cough cough *. Plus, you could can get this to go with it! ;-)

Thanks Santa!

PS... if you have any other ideas, you could always list them on my Facebook page, it might inspire others!

PPS... Love you! :-)