5 Reasons why running in the rain is awesome

It's week 5 for my awesome Spark 5k running club this week and once again we're looking at a rainy one. When it was raining on just our second session of the course, I remember feeling a little worried.

Personally, I love running in the rain, but what if it put my ladies off their newfound passion for running? What if they didn't find as much enjoyment splashing in puddles as I do? What if we melted?... ok, maybe not so much.

Needless to say, I had no reason to worry, we returned 40 minutes later dripping wet with enormous smiles on our faces. The truth is, it's impossible to NOT enjoy running in the rain and here's why:

Reasons why running in the rain is awesome 1:

There's nothing better than jumping in the shower when you get back off a good run. Running in the rain is just the benefits of that shower, all the way round your run!!!!

Reasons why running in the rain is awesome 2:

Remember when you were little and you loved splashing through puddles? It felt free and a little bit naughty? Well, that's running in the rain... you feel like a kid again!

splashing in puddles

Reasons why running in the rain is awesome 3:

You know you're more hardcore than anyone else who's tucked up at home hiding from the rain. That's right... you are a hardcore, badass, champion of all champion runners... run faster you badass!!!

Reasons why running in the rain is awesome 4:

Here's a sciencey one... running in the rain keeps your core body temperature down so you don't overheat! Particularly good if you're someone who finds her internal thermometer leaps by 20 degrees as soon as you even look at your trainers!

Reasons why running in the rain is awesome 5:

Your excuses are officially gone. You will never again find weak excuses not to go running meaning you'll never again find weak excuses that will ruin your ultimate goals! Want to lose weight? Run a marathon? Get fitter? No problem, you are now officially a #noexcuses go-getter!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend, lace up your trainers and get splashing in those puddles!

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