Why train with me? - Lorraine's success

Lorraine has been a client with me since August 2016. Training once a week with me in her local park, Lorraine also does Pilates, British Military Fitness and (as you can see from the photo) participates in races. At 60 years young, she really is an inspiration to others, proving that age is not a barrier to fitness.

Lorraine's story


When I first came to Maggie, my goals were to reduce body fat and to work on strength and weight exercises; osteoporosis runs in my family and I've always been very aware of the need to protect against brittle bones which is all the more relevant now I'm in my 60s.

Maggie was recommended to me and although I very much trusted that recommendation, I did inevitably have some reservations before we started working together; I've had personal trainers in the past and it hasn't always worked out as I hoped. I was mainly concerned that I would not make any improvement for a long time and so would become disheartened but also wondered how it would be possible to do a full body work out without the range of equipment found in a gym - would there be too much running instead?

I had no need to be worried. Maggie has a superb way of encouraging me and I have never felt that I have underachieved in any session. She has the ability, through thorough knowledge of her work, to bring out the best in me.

I've been working with Maggie now for 3 months now, I:

  • feel stronger
  • have more determination to succeed
  • have increased knowledge of why I am doing specific exercises
  • perform exercises with correct form
  • feel that Maggie has helped me maintain the motivation to work out
  • know how to work out anywhere with very little equipment
  • am wearing a dress-size smaller

dress size smaller

Maggie has given me more confidence in my training. I also feel that, sorry, know that, certain exercises (e.g. squats, lunges) are now performed correctly to get 100% out of the movement.

Her expertise was very apparent when she adjusted my programme so that I could still work out when injured - providing exercises that assisted my recovery; so much so that my physio encouraged me to continue working with Maggie during my recovery.

Every session has been fun, fun, fun and Maggie's explanations are very clear and concise. I would recommend Maggie to anyone.