Looking for a Space to Hire in Prestwich?

Are you looking for a space to hire? We can offer any of our the rooms in our studio for rent so you can choose the space that's right for you. There are 3 toilets in the building, a small outside yard, and a kitchen where brews and biscuits are available.  

  • The Therapy Room - A safe and cosy space away from the noise of the rest of the building, this room is set up with a therapy bed as well as a table and chairs, making it the perfect space for those offering massage therapy, holistic therapies and talking therapies. We've used this space for individual and group Reiki, individual sound baths, other holistic therapies, massage, card reading, individual coaching and counselling. The bed can also be moved out of the room and chairs / cushions added to create an intimate space for small group therapy or similiar.

  • The Fabulous Room - a home from home with sofas, chairs and a small table that comfortably seats 6-7 people. We've used this space for meetings, craft workshops, informal gatherings and book club.

  • The Yoga Room - a large multipurpose space for a wide range of uses. A hard vinyl floor and open space clear of equipment or clutter means we can help you to arrange this as you need. Tables and chairs are available on request, at no extra cost, and yoga mats are also available as part of the hire. This space comfortably houses 8 people on mats for fitness related activities or up to 20 people standing, sitting or seated for meetings. This space has been used for fitness and yoga classes, sound baths, baby groups, parties, workshops, Tarot group, various meetings and much more!

  • The Red Room - This is our fitness space with fixed martial arts floor mats. The space is large enough to comfortably train 5-6 people in movement-related activities. The room can be transformed using our fairy lights and music into a tranquil space suitable for wellbeing activities and we can also hire this for meetings, although the flooring restricts the use of chairs or tables. This room has immediate access to our main entrance for those visiting. We have used this room for fitness classes, personal training, sound baths, meditation classes and workshops.


All of the profit made from renting our space goes straight into our community, enabling us to continue making movement and wellbeing accessible to more women. We are therefore now offering a sliding scale rent model:

  • Pay What we Need: £10 per hour. We've priced this at the lowest market rate and it enables us to cover the costs of our overheads and maintaining the facility.
  • Pay it Fowards: £15-20 per hour. If you're able to make a donation to our community you help us in acheiving our social purpose of making movement and wellbeing activities more inclusive.
  • Pay What you Can: Looking for a space to run your activity but find the standard market prices in the area aren't accessible for you? We'll offer you the option to rent the space you need at the price you need to make it work, just get in touch!


  • Therapy Room is currently available weekdays and weekends at a range of times.
  • Fabulous Room and Yoga Room both have availability Friday - Sunday.
  • The Red room is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Contact us:

To arrange a visit / book one of our spaces contact Maggie at [email protected] or send a WhatsApp to 07790956673.