How to survive a zombie apocalypse

Are you prepared?

I am. I've a plan.

It's a good plan too. Devised from years of watching and reading zombie fiction and attendance at zombie school (seriously, it's a real thing and I've really been, here's a picture of me killing the head zombie to prove it...)

zombie school
So, as an official zombie qualified fitness professional, I think it's only my duty to pass on a bit of knowledge to keep you safe when the apocalypse strikes. Don't wait until it's too late... start now and be prepared!

#1: Cardio, cardio, cardio

Zombieland has it right. You're not escaping zombies if you don't have the fitness to get away from them. Both speed and stamina are essential in this so get your trainers on and get running, HIITing, cycling, free running... whatever you fancy, but get on it and work that heart rate!

#######2: Limber up
Okay, fine so I've stolen rule #18 from Zombieland but it's true... don't be jumping straight in to a fight with a zombie without doing a proper warm-up first. The last thing you need when you're swinging for its mushy head is to throw your shoulder out or to pull a hammy as you're sprinting in to help your friend. Good preparation before any exercise is essential!

#######3: Work on upper body strength
A good level of cardiovascular fitness is going to be essential, but so is that upper body strength. Work those arms, chest and back with some compound bodyweight movements - press ups, inverted rows, tricep dips - and throw some get-ups in to make sure when you're down, you're getting straight back up again! The bonus of all of these? When the apocalypse strikes, you can still maintain your fitness as there's no gym necessary!

#######4: Keep a strong core
Everything goes through the core, the stronger it is the longer and further you'll be able to keep going. Plus, you're not going to pop a disk as you send a zombie flying with your baseball bat!

sean of the dead me

#######5: Get a buddy
Getting a workout buddy now will keep you motivated and disciplined as well as making your zombie fitness preparations even more fun. But in the apocalyse, it's your buddy who might just save your life!

So, are you prepared for the zombies? What would you add to the list? Share your training tips with us on facebook.