How to avoid wrecked resolution woes

Setting New Year's Resolutions can become a 'thing' in itself and if we're not careful, we end up setting too many, overreaching and trying to be perfect.

If this doesn't work the rest of the year, what makes us think it's going to work in January?

Sure, it may work for a while but eventually life WILL get in the way; things won't go as planned and all too easily, we feel like we've failed which results in either being 'on it' or 'off it' which, for goals, can have catastrophic consequences.

Instead, this year set yourself an achievable and realistic goal with an achievable and realistic time frame. Most importantly, make sure you know what the real purpose is behind those goals because unless it's something you really want, you'll lose sight of that goal as soon as something untoward does happen.

This year, scrap the hit-or-miss resolutions and try this instead...

Write down:

  • 1 goal you'd like to achieve.
  • Your personal reason behind why you'd like to achieve it
  • How you will feel when you do achieve it
  • The difference achieving this goal will make to your life
  • The difference achieving this goal will make to the lives of those around you
  • The date by which you think you can achieve your goal
  • 1 thing you can DO NOW to work towards your goal
  • 1 thing you can do this week to work towards this goal
  • 1 thing you can do this month to work towards this goal

This is what Little Miss Resolutions' plan might have looked like if she'd planned her resolutions with a goal in mind:

goal setting

The idea is not to do this once, but to revisit this every week. Each week you can review your purpose, reasons and progress as well as taking the opportunity to plan the three actions you are taking towards your goal.

Spark Fitness is about doing things differently.

Instead of focusing on the 'quick fix', the latest fad or the number on the scale I'll help you find a sustainable approach that works for you.

Instead of relying on will power, magic juices or extreme diets, I'll help you work on your mindset, educate you on what to eat and why and help you find movement and exercise that fits your likes and lifestyle.

Instead of punishing yourself with exercise, starving yourself of food and beating yourself up about the way you look, I'll help you love how you are now and enjoy the journey to how you're going to be. But most importantly, I'll help you find a way to achieve your goals that works, full stop.

If you live in Manchester and you'd like to know more about how to get started, drop me an email now at [email protected], tell me what your goal is and I'll help you spark your journey.

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