Accessing the studio

The Spark Life studio is accessible from two different roads. It needs to be opened up from the Bury Old Road side. The door for which is in the far left corner of The Lime Tree restaurant car park. For customers, the address they will be directed to is the front of the building on Infant Street; it is not possible to open and close the studio from this entrance.

Here are the steps for accessing the studio:

The back entrance to the studio is accessed from Bury Old Road, near the Heaton Park Tram stop
It is located in the car park of The Lime Tree restaurant
We are the door in the far left corner of the car park. the what 3 Words is //status.boring.names
This door is unlocked, simply open the door and walk in.
It will bring you down some steps into a courtyard.
The lock box is attached to the pipes to the left of the blue door. 
Enter the code 0208 and open the box using the slider on the left. *Note: to get the key easily back into the box, place it in with the silver ring at the bottom as flat as possible to the back of the box. 

Once you are in, this video shows you around the studio, including how to open and close the main entrance for your visitors.

Parking and Public Transport

There is no parking available at the venue as we do not own the car park unfortunately. However, there is a small free car park on the corner of Infant Street and Whittaker Lane. There is a much larger, free car park on Upper Wilton Street (M25 1JE) and parking on this road is also free. Additionally, there are free spaces on evenings and weekends along Bury Old Road near Relyonus, and another free car park on Park Street.

For those travelling to us without a car, we are less than 2 minutes walk from Heaton Park tram station.

The address for customers visiting the studio is Spark Life, Stella House, Infant Street, Prestwich, M25 1SS.


If you have any difficulties accessing the studio, you can call / message Maggie on 07790956673.