Yoga with Helen

Helen offers Yoga for everybody and every body at Spark Life. Choose from courses, classes and 1-2-1 coaching, it's the perfect way to supplement your current physical activity and strength training, or just to relax and restore your body. Build your strength and confidence online or in the studio.

Yoga classes

Classes are kept to a maximum of 6 people in the studio which ensures a fully covid-safe environment with social distancing and your own equipment as well as the ability to coach your personally and individually tailor the exercise to you. Unlike following on YouTube or an online class where the teacher can't see you, Helen is able to adapt all poses to suit your body so there's no fear that you'll be expected to be super flexible or have the ability to tie yourself into a pretzel, our yoga is a gentle, confidence building experience which will leave you feeling amazing.


  • Monday 6pm - Express Yoga
  • Tuesday 7:30am - Express Yoga
  • Tuesday 2pm - Chair Yoga
  • Tuesday 4pm - Kids' Yoga
  • Tuesday 7pm - Pilates
  • Tuesday 8pm - Hatha Yoga
  • Wednesday 10.30am - Hatha Yoga
  • Thursday 7:30am - Express Yoga
  • Thursday 8pm - Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra
  • Friday 10am - Pilates
  • Friday 11:15am - Yin Yoga
  • Sunday 10am - Hatha Yoga


  • ยฃ10 per session
  • ยฃ35 p/month bronze membership (1 class p/wk)
  • ยฃ55 p/month silver membership (2 class p/wk)
  • ยฃ70 p/month gold membership (3 class p/wk)

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Yoga Workshops

Available in the studio and online, we are offering a range of workshops to choose from. Helen's Yoga for Runners is perfect for anyone who puts their hamstrings and glutes through a regular battering without much tender loving care afterwards! Or her Angelic Angel workshop which combines Hatha Yoga, Angelic Healing and a Himalayan Sound Bath is perfect if you're looking for a unique restorative experience which will leave you feeling refreshed, stretched and relaxed.


  • Helen's next workshop is: Meditation and Mala Making
  • Sunday 4th July, 11.30am


  • ยฃ40 per person including a Mala making kit.

Beginners' Yoga Course

If you've never practised Yoga before, this is the perfect course for you. Helen will gently guide you through the practise, gradually introducing you over 2 weeks to the poses until you are able to relax and flow through your final session. As with all Helen's classes and workshops, this course is suitable for you if you have a body and you can breathe!

Join online or receive an even more personal experience by joining Helen in the Spark Studio.



  • ยฃ40 per course