What's on in August?

The weather may be a bit of a wash-out at the moment but that's certainly not the case for all the amazing things taking place at Spark Life this August!

We're very excited to let you know that Kaman is now offering a deep tissue, sports-style, massage from the studio. She's here every Friday in August, plus some Saturdays so get booked in with her here.

Helen's monthly sound bath is back on the first Friday of the month and you can join her and others at her second Reiki Exchange Circle.

We've also got some really fun Kid's Yoga sessions taking place as part of our Kid's Summer Yoga Festival and a few new classes to try out inluding Strong 4 All (a bodyweight strength and stretching class, and Pilates Inspired Joyful Movement which does what it says on the tin!

We'll be releasing our final Strong Woman Club session time for a while mid-August and it'll be the last release at our current price... so, if you're thinking about joining our community of strong women in their small group personal training, now is the time!

Sound Bath - Friday 4th August, 19:30 to 20:45, £15

Relax as the sound of the Himalayan Singing Bowls wash over you in this beautiful Sound Bath. Whether you're someone who finds it difficult to relax or whether you are a master at mediation, we just know you'll love this monthly event as much as we do. Bring a blanket, a pillow, some fluffy socks and make yourself comfortable!

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Reiki Exchange Circle - Sunday 13th August, 12:00 to 14:00, £3

A Reiki circle is a group of individuals who come together to receive and share Reiki energy in a group setting. Our circle is  led by Helen, our resident Reiki Master who will guides the group through the session. The Reiki is open to those who have studied Reiki, or those who are interested in experiencing Reiki and learning more.

During a Reiki circle, participants usually sit or lie down in a comfortable position. The Reiki practitioners then begins to channel energy into the group, using a variety of techniques such as visualization, chanting, or guided meditation.

As the Reiki energy flows through the group, each participant is able to receive healing energy and benefit from the collective energy of the circle. This can create a powerful sense of community and support, as well as promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

One of the primary benefits of a Reiki circle is the opportunity to receive Reiki energy from multiple sources at once. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who are dealing with chronic pain, illness, or emotional stress, as the increased flow of energy can help to accelerate the healing process.

In addition to the physical and emotional benefits, a Reiki circle can also promote a sense of spiritual connection and well-being. The collective energy of the group can create a powerful sense of unity and harmony, helping participants to feel more connected to themselves, others, and the universe as a whole.

Overall, a Reiki circle can be a deeply transformative and healing experience, providing individuals with the opportunity to receive and share Reiki energy in a supportive and nurturing environment.

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Kid's Summer Yoga Festival

We're happy to be able to fund our Kid's Summer Yoga Festival from Spark Community which means each class is just £3 per child. We've 4 sessions to choose from including Yoga in the Park, some Big Friendly Giant fun with Roald Dahl themed yoga, magical fun with Harry Potter themed yoga and finishing with a yoga summer holiday! We ask that parents attend with children under 7 but invite the whole family to come along and enjoy the yoga fun whatever your child's age!

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Book Roald Dahl Yoga

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Strong Woman Club

Our Strong Woman Club makes personal training more accessible and, dare we say, even more fun?!  In SWC, you really get to experience the full benefits and enjoyment of our community as there are 4 of you in a group with each of our coaches. We lift, we laugh, we love these sessions and we think you will too!

Strong Woman Club membership starts at £70 a month for one session a week with sessions running:

  • Monday 12.15pm (full)
  • Tuesday 12.15pm (1 space left)
  • Wednesday 12.15pm (starts 6th September 2023)
  • Thursday 5.30pm (1 space left)

Email: [email protected] to find out more!