What is Franklin Method Yoga?

...And why you'll love it!

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The ultimate goal of the Franklin Method is happy, healthy, free movement. Happy, healthy, free movement begins with increasing the efficiency of movement, which ultimately means moving with greater ease and less effort... translated? You might just find you move with less stiffness, aches and pains! Sounds good, ey?

One of the main ways we do this in Franklin Method classes is to gain a better understanding of how our body is designed to move. This provides our brain with a clearer image and, therefore, clearer information to use when communicating with our bodies. This enables the most efficient movement possible.

Laura, our new Franklin Method and Yoga teacher shared:

‘My experience of using the Franklin Method over the past 8 years has been a process of unfurling. One of the areas I focused on was my shoulders. Over time the knots and tightness transformed into greater flexibility, greater capacity for change and resilience. And this has reflected in how I live my life.’

Basically, Franklin Method supports you, learning about you!

Benefits of using the Franklin Method:

  • Greater embodiment
  • Increased connection to our bodies
  • Better understanding and appreciation of how our bodies move
  • More efficient movement (both in Yoga and in life)
  • Improved posture
  • Supports better mental and physical health
  • Happier movement and therefore happier living
  • Transferable skills – can be used in other classes, exercises and movement practices

What will a Franklin Method class actually involve?

These classes will follow a very familiar structure of a yoga class; with a chance to settle into our bodies, move through poses and sequences and close in a lovely, luxurious relaxation. The added benefit of these classes is that sprinkled throughout will be the opportunity to deepen your embodiment as you move. Here, we will play with:

  • how we talk to ourselves as we move,
  • what images can enhance our experience,
  • how, by gaining a better understanding of simple anatomy, we find out how our body works for us.

Like the sound of this?

Ready for some next-level embodiment?

Join us to harness the power of both Yoga and imagery and gain a better understanding of how to move with greater freedom and efficiency, both on and off the mat.

We're introducing Franklin Method Yoga to Prestwich in Laura's workshop, Sunday 12th February 2023, 11.30am - 1pm.

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