Spark Life Online

We're online!

That's right! Since we went into Lockdown at the beginning of March 2020, we took all our sessions out of the studio and into the virtual world! The good news is that we're continuing to offer all the fun of Spark Life sessions via the magic of the internet, even now we're back in the studio!

Now, it no longer matters whether you live in Prestwich or close by, because whether you've a kettlebell at home and you're looking for motivation, feedback from a coach and the camaraderie of a community with our Spark Kettlebell Club, or  whether you'd like 1-2-1 personal training sessions, some one off technique coaching in lifting weights safely and effectively, or just a professionally written programme to follow, we can help you!

When you join Spark Life Online, you'll also receive some free bonus extras:

  • Our free Facebook / WhatsApp community
  • 15 minute online stretch & Flex family morning mobility sessions (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • On Demand classes
  • 30 minute Express Yoga classes (Mon, Tues, Thurs)

Spark Kettlebell Club Online

Led by a Level 2 StrongFirst kettlebell instructor (SFGII), these sessions are coached live via Zoom so we can see you, coach you personally and give you individual feedback.

We know that strength is a skill so we'll teach you the technique required to become fitter, stronger and lift heavier weights than you ever imagined. If you've a kettlebell at home but you're not sure you're achieving as much as you can with it, come and play with us online and open up the possibilities!

As well as offering our usual free Taster pack, Bronze (1 x p/week), Silver (2 x p/week), and Gold (3 x p/week) memberships which enable you to train online AND in the studio, we are also offering an exclusive online only membership which provides UNLIMITED classes each week.

Title of the document Find out more about our exclusive online membership: Spark All At Home

"My Spark membership has been really important during this time - in fact I have upgraded my membership. It has been great to see other friendly faces for a social aspect that you don't just get following a video on your own as well as still get feedback on technqiue. Also Maggie you are always so cheerful and inspriring, the sessions really lift my spirits!" - Catherine, member since 2019.

On Demand

As a bonus, all of our classes are now available 'on demand' so, if you miss a class you're signed up to online, or in the studio, all you need to do is drop us a message and we'll send you the link to catch up on the session in your own time.

Kettlebell Club Online Timetable:

  • Monday 6.45am
  • Wednesday, Friday 6.30am
  • Tuesday and Thursday 6pm
  • Saturday 9.15am

Spark Personal Training Online

The only thing about training online that's different to in person is there's a screen in between us. Everything else remains the same. We can see you, we can coach you, we can motivate you.

Online and studio options include:

Fit For Life - £125 per month

  • 45-60 minute sessions | 4 sessions per month (1 p/wk)

Fit 'n' Fab - £95 per month / £135 per month

  • 30 minute sessions | 4 sessions per month (1 p/wk) or 8 sessions per month (2 p/wk)

Fit Together - £160 per month

  • 45-60 minute sessions | 4 sessions per month (1 p/wk) | Train as a couple

Strength is a Skill - £35 for 1 session / £60 for 2 sessions

  • 60 minute session analysing your lifting technique and providing coaching, technique support and motivation. Perfect if you've weights at home you're using and you just want to check you're lifting effectively and safely with an SFGII and SFL StrongFirst certified instructor.

"My Spark Fitness membership has been extremely important to me during this time. Each session has lifted my spirits and stops me from feeling 'blobby' which can soon send me on a downward spiral. I really appreciate the online facility as it provides interaction with someone else as well as exercise" - Lorraine, member since 2016.

Email [email protected] to arrange your free consultation now.