From 1-2-1 personal training to small group sessions, we offer a range of services all of which are coached on a personal and individual level. We know your name, we know your goals and we know you can feel amazing!

Private and Small Group Personal Training

We believe that personal coaching shouldn't just be for the elite but you'll certainly feel like one of them when you train with us at Spark Life.

We offer the traditional private personal training and within that you can choose what's best for you whether that's 30 minutes, 60 minutes, once a week, three times a week, with your partner, alongside your baby or just time for you. Tell us your fitness, strength and health goals and we'll be your coach, cheerleader and accountability partner for your journey.

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Have you ever been to a big gym class and just felt like you've moved around a bit but not really felt like you've achieved anything? Perhaps it was hard to see the instructor? They certainly didn't know your name or your goals and you didn't know whether you were doing it right or not! Well that's why we do things differently here!

Our classes are kept to a maximum number of 6 members which not only keeps you Covid safe with social distancing for exercising but also means you'll always receive a personal level of coaching. All of our sessions are designed for maximum fun whilst helping you to increase your fitness levels,  build strength and keep your joints healthy. We’ll help you find the appropriate challenge level to get the best results and our ability to provide you with individual coaching within the smaller class enviornment will keep you injury free. Forget 'no pain, no gain' and come to Spark for a fitness experience which builds you up!

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In the 'new normal' Spark Life is now online AND in the studio. We've taken our unique approach to personal training and group sessions and are now beaming them directly to you at home.

Our live sessions are coached through Zoom which means you still receive individual coaching with that personal touch. We offer online training for personal training and with our classes where we'll beam you live into the studio onto our big screen... our members tell us it's as good as being there in person but with the flexibility of not having to worry about missing a class due to quarantine or childcare.

Plus, if you can't attend at the time the class is live, you'll be able to access it at a later date with our On Demand service.

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Yoga and Pilates with Helen

Helen's mission is to make Yoga accessible for everyone and to break down those stereotypes which we associate with it. Everyone’s body is different, so Yoga needs to be different for everyone. We can make it fit you, rather than you having to tie yourself into a pretzel.

As with all our classes, Helen makes it possible to train in person with her in the studio so you get a real personal experience in a Covid-safe environment, or live onine from the comfort of your own home.

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Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga is a really fun, active, playful session where you move and engage with your baby; Baby massage is a gentle, relaxing session providing the perfect time to really bond with your baby and focus on the two of you.

Both classes are offered in small, friendly, engaging groups with lots of songs and rhymes and as they are complimentary classes so there's no need to choose between them! All our Baby courses run in 6 week blocks and to help you best fit them into your existing family schedule, you can choose from our Tuesday courses which run back-to-back continuously, or our Thursday classes which run in term time only.

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Reiki is a form of holistic or complementary therapy. During Reiki, Helen shares universal life force healing energy with the recipient, leaving them feeling relaxed, rejuvinated and often with a feeling of enhanced wellbeing.

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Run Coaching & Programming


Whether you love running and you want to go further and faster or whether you've never put one foot in front of the other at a pace faster than walking, we can help you!

Our running heroes have taken on 5ks for the first time, 10ks for a faster time and marathons for the glory! Between us, we have completed trail runs, marathons, ultra-marathons, obstable races and treks. We love walking, running and everything in between. Plus, you don't even have to step foot in the studio; if time is of the essence, we can coach you fully online with a programme that fits your lifestyle, doesn't tire you out and leaves you feeling fully recovered and  energised for the other things in your life.

Our Running Strong Workshops, which take place in Heaton Park at various times in the year, can help you understand the strength required to stay injury free and the technique which will see you running more efficiently. Or, if you want something a little more focused and personalised for you, book in alone (or with a friend) for a private technique workshop.

For more information, please email [email protected]