Spark their Life!

Spark Life Member Referral Programme

You've sparked your life, how about helping someone you know to Spark theirs? We love that you love us which is why we've launched our referral programme!

When someone you refer joins us on one of the following memberships...

  • Spark Strong, Spark Power or Spark Together Personal Training Memberships
  • Strong Woman Club Membership
  • Gold Classes Membership
  • Diamond Classes Membership
  • Platinum Classes Membership

They'll get...

  • £5 off their first month

You'll get...

  • £5 a month off your membership, for the lifetime of their membership
  • For every person you refer.

That means for as long as they stay on an eligible membership, you'll receive £5 off your membership. And, there's no limit on how many people you refer so if two people you've referred take up a qualifying membership, you'll get £10 off a month and, if 10 people hold memberships from your referral, you'll get £50 off! So long as they hold a membership, you receive the discount!

Plus, as soon as they become a member, they're also eligible for the referral programme, meaning that as soon as someone they refer joins us on one of our Spark Stong, Power or Together Personal Training membership, Strong Woman Club membership or a Gold, Diamond or Platinum classes membership, they'll also receive £5 off their monthly membership so long as their referral remains a member!

How you refer them...

In the TeamUp app or on the dashboard, navigate to your profile. Under your picture, you'll find a referral code. Give this to the person you're referring and they'll be prompted to input it when they sign up.

If they already have a TeamUp account because they've previously signed up to have a nosey or have been to one of our events, simply let one of the coaches know that they are your referral and we'll sort the rest.

The details...

  • Referral credits are only available to those who are not members or former members of Spark Life.
  • To receive the monthly account credit for referral, you must hold a current recurring monthly membership; one-off appointments / pay as you go / class packs do not qualify for the referral programme. The referring member can hold any of our monthly recurring memberships.
  • The person you refer will receive £5 off their first month's payment in the form of a discount code. Therefore, they will need to make us aware of their intention to sign-up prior to doing so. We can apply account credit post sign-up but this would need to be applied to their second payment, not first, due to the way our payment system works.
  • You will recieve £5 off your recurring membership every month so long as the person you referred remains a member on one of the qualifying memberships. If they change memberships, or leave, your referral credit will cease. Qualifying memberships are: Spark Strong Personal Training, Spark Power Personal Training, Spark Together Personal Training; Strong Woman Club; Gold, Diamond and Platinum Classes Memberships.
  • You can only receive a discount on your membership; if your membership price reaches £0, you will not receive credit on your membership.
  • The referral programme and associated credits can be removed at any point by Spark Life without prior notice. If a membership reaches capacity, the referral programme for new referrals will be temporarily disabled.
  • Got more questions? Just ask a coach for more information or drop us an email or a WhatsApp!