Meet the Team...

It takes a village... it takes heart!

At Spark, we believe that it's important to take a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. That's why we offer strength training alongside meditation, Yoga alongside Jump Rope coaching and Reiki alongside Running. We take a weight neutral approach to health and fitness encouraging our members to focus on health gain over weight loss. We don't believe in restriction instead we believe that true health and happiness is found when you nourish your body, mind, spirit and soul.

Maggie Elliott

Kettlebell Queen and Jump Rope Enthusiast!

What I love: I love learning new skills and finding joy in exercise! After taking on a charity skipping challenge during lockdown I discovered the pure joy of freestyle jump rope. I love the way it makes me feel and I want this same feeling for everyone I coach whether that's from discovering the joy of kettlebells, barbells, running... or yep, maybe even skipping! There are no limits to what we can achieve if we love what we do!

Previous life: Desperately trying (& occasionally succeeding) to engage the future generation in the love of reading and writing as a teacher and head of English in secondary education.

Fitness credentials: Active IQ Level 3 Personal Trainer; Level 3 Pre/Post Natal specialist; StrongFirst SFGI & SFGII kettlebell certified, SFL barbell certified, Strong Endurance; England Athletics L2 Coach in Running Fitness.

Favourite thing about Spark: Working with the most fabulous members who continue to amaze themselves but never me... I always knew they were capable of great things!

Quick Fit Tip: Strength is a skill and practise makes permanent. So take your time; learn the techniques, practise good form and have patience in the process... but above all, make sure you're enjoying yourself for when you find joy in the exercise you do, there's no better physical or mental feeling!

Helen Crossley

Professional Yogini and Energy Healer, hoop obsessed!

What I love: Yoga, especially outdoors; my wonderful husband, Matthew; my two lovely lurchers Lucy Annabelle and Mia Rose; Reiki; Crystals; angels and rock music. I guess I'm just a hippy at heart!

Previous life: Before becoming a professional Yogini and Energy Healer, I was a Primary School Teacher.

Fitness credentials: I've been doing Yoga since I was a teenager and have completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Qualification in addition to a 40hr Yoga Qualification. Additionally, I hold qualifications in Mat Pilates and as an England Athletics Run Leader.

Holistic credentials: I am a Reiki Master & Teacher meaning that as well as giving Reiki healing, I can also train others in Reiki healing.  I also hold qualifications in Meditation, Mindfulness and Holistics including Sound Therapy, Crystal Healing, Angel Healing.

Favourite thing about Spark: There is such an exciting Vibe at Spark Life where we truly believe that fitness should be all; about having fun.

Quick Fit Tip: If you can breathe, then you can do Yoga!

Ruth Dunkerley

Baby Massage Guru and Instructor of Joyful Movement

What I love:  My son Dylan and husband Dave, as well as my two ragdoll kitties! Being outdoors, going on adventures and exploring new places! Learning new skills and enjoying old favourites like baking, reading, sewing and singing (not that I'm any good)!

Previous life:   I was a business change Project Manager for about 8 years and before that taught adults English as a second language!

Fitness credentials:   Level 3 Personal Trainer, Level 3 Pre/Post Natal specialist
Baby Specialism credentials: Baby Massage Instructor, Baby Yoga Instructor (both via Hands on Babies accredited by Royal Collage of Midwives)

Favourite thing about Spark:   Working in a fun, inclusive environment, empowering and building confidence in our clients!

Quick Fit Tip:   Try not to compare to other people, set your own goals no matter if they seem small and go at your own pace!

We do things differently here...

We are a diet-culture-free space. What does that mean? It means that sure, you can come to us because you want to lose weight, but our approach is non-restrictive, steady and sustainable.

Or you can come to us without there ever being a mention of weight loss because what you want is to become as healthy, happy, fit & strong as possible! We won't weigh you, we won't measure you, we will NEVER use before & after photos of you!

The Spark studio is a weight neutral space which means no matter what, we focus on health gain over weight loss. We don't ever want you to view exercise or nutrition as a punishment or something that has to be suffered because we know that when you find what's right for you, you'll love training as much as we do!

Why not get in contact and find what's right for you?