Do you hit the F#@k it button?

How was your weekend?

Mine was full of 40th birthday celebrations, not mine - yet - but those of my other half so what he ate, I ate and what he drank, I drank.

A terrible weekend where I blew it!


Or was it?

I have multiple conversations weekly - usually at the weekend - with women who feel they've blown it. If this conversation had taken place with my eating and drinking patterns this weekend, the conversation might look a little like this:

Me: We stayed overnight in a hotel on Friday and I had no control over the food as it was a hot buffet with a limited choice but even then I had desert even though I know I shouldn't have! I also drank wine, prosecco and gin so I've gone way off the scale and totally blown it!

Coach: Ok, did you track it?

Me: No! I knew I was over and I knew we were having a party the next day so there's no way I could make up for it!

Coach: What did you have on Saturday?

Me: Everything! Literally, I ate and drank the world!
Then, I slept most of Sunday morning and then had a Maccy Ds... I NEVER have Macdonalds!... in fact the last time I had one would have been a couple of years ago!

Plus, to make things even worse, I felt so bad on Sunday I didn't do the run I was supposed to do so I've not even burnt any of those calories off!... there was just no hope for me!

Coach: And what's happened since?

Me: I've put it behind me and I'm back on track.

Hang on... what?!

Yep, that's right. There was a time when I would have felt like I'd completely 'blown it' and this way of eating would have continued for a good week or more. But the reality is that I had a weekend that was out of the ordinary. I ate food and drank alcohol that wasn't bad, but wasn't good for my goals either; it didn't provide me with much nutrition (if any), it depleted my energy, and it tasted good! ;-)

But what's wrong with that? It's only a problem if I hit the F#@k it button and carry on. In fact, the total amount of food I ate on Sunday consisted of a sandwich thin with peanut butter and a big mac meal. It's hardly the end of the world is it?

Now, this is how I reason things.


I'm not perfect and I don't try to be. I'm not aiming to have a six-pack because I enjoy weekends like this occasionally, because I like to eat chocolate, because I fancy the odd gin and tonic or glass of wine on a weekend, and because I'm not planning to compete in any competitions any time soon! I'm aiming to be able to wear clothes that make me feel good, to be fit, strong and healthy for the long term, to feel confident and happy in myself. This doesn't require perfection.

Will next weekend be the same? No. Will there be another like this one? Yes. And so what? Honestly, so what?

If you're someone who doesn't eat the 'perfect food' and sometimes drinks alcohol, then welcome to the club! This is life in the western world. Sure, we need to moderate and limit this type of indulgence if we want to meet our body and health goals, but moderation doesn't mean perfection.

Enjoy yourself at the weekend, on that night out with your colleagues, at your other half's birthday celebrations... whatever it is and whenever it is, have fun then move on. You'll find life is much more enjoyable, far less stressful and that reaching your goals is a lot more manageable in the long term by doing so.